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How to Stay Involved

Welcome, YADAPP alumni! As a YADAPP alum, you have many ways to be involved and continue to support high school prevention of substance use efforts.

  • Serve as an Adult Sponsor. Rally together a group of high school student leaders that serve as role models in the community and are committed to living and a drug and alcohol free life. Share with them your experiences of YADAPP and get them excited for the experience!
  • Support STAN Plans occurring in your area. Are there any services or skills you can offer your local YADAPP team to assist them with the implementation of their STAN Plan? Show support by attending their STAN Plan activities and inviting others to attend as well.
  • Recruit individuals you think would be a good fit to serve as an Adult Sponsor.
  • Encourage Participants to apply to be Youth Leaders. If you were a previous Youth Staff member, share with them what you gained from serving and how they will benefit from this role.
  • Encourage current Youth Staff to apply to the next level of serving as a Youth Staff member. This is a great opportunity for them to continue their leadership development and to grow into supportive YADAPP Alumni like yourself!
  • Follow us on social media to see what current YADAPPers are up to! We are on Instagram (@_yadapp_) and Facebook (YadappGuy).

Anniversary Event

Every five years, YADAPP will host an alumni event, inviting all alumni to attend. Information on these events will be promoted on our website and Facebook page.

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