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The Strategies To Act Now (STAN) Plan is the focal point of YADAPP. Each YADAPP Team ends the conference with a developed STAN Plan which they then implement throughout the upcoming school year. During the conference, Adult Sponsors participate in a track that complements the Teams’ development of the STAN Plan to provide support to the Team during implementation throughout the school year.

Junior Staff members facilitate YADAPP Teams' STAN Plan development through leadership and prevention training. Participants will learn the leadership and prevention skills necessary to make a difference in their school and community through the following training topics: leadership, alcohol and other drug trends, networking and advocacy, fundraising, project planning and virtual prevention strategies. The STAN Plan follows the model of the Strategic Prevention Framework and Teams are trained on the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s prevention strategies that must be utilized for the development of their plan.

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Once enrolled in YADAPP, Teams should begin to assess the needs of their communities when it comes to substance use prevention. An important piece to the STAN Plan is identifying any gaps and substance use related problems in the community. All YADAPP Teams should work to collect local data and information prior to developing their STAN Plan. Each Team will be provided state and national youth substance use data.
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Participants work as a Team to develop a written prevention plan to address a substance use problem surrounding high school students in their school or community. When developing their plan, Teams are encouraged to be as creative, detailed and realistic as possible. Adult Sponsors will meet with their Teams throughout the development process.
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After developing their plan, Participants kick off their STAN Plan by presenting it to school and community stakeholders to gain approval and support. Once your Team has presented their plan to administrators and gained approval, begin planning and building partnerships that will assist in making your efforts a success. As your Team implements their STAN Plan, it is best to document throughout the implementation process for future reporting.
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Once the Team’s STAN Plan has been implemented, complete the STAN Plan Final Report (SPFR). Even if your Team has been unable to fully complete your plan, we require a SPFR from each Team. This helps us assess the reach of your prevention efforts, identify barriers Teams may face and plan for the future. The SPFR serves as your Team’s application for the Wheeler Award.

STAN Plan Final Report

After your Team puts their STAN Plan in action, we want to hear about it! Please remember to submit your STAN Plan Final Report.

To complete the STAN Plan Final Report, you must download and save the STAN Plan Final Report (PDF) to your desktop, fill it out and save it. Reports completed on a web browser will not save when submitted.

Even if your team has been unable to complete your original plan, we require a SPFR from each Team. This helps us assess the effectiveness of YADAPP and high school prevention efforts in Virginia, identify barriers teams may face and plan for the future.

Your final report also serves as your team’s application for the Wheeler Award!

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