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Adult Sponsors

Adult sponsors are key to making YADAPP happen! While YADAPP is youth-led and inspired, Adult sponsors take the lead in forming teams and providing continuity and follow-through as Teams return back to their schools and communities to implement their STAN Plans.

We are looking for adults who are interested in preventing high school substance use among students in their school and community. Adult sponsors must be 23 years of age and committed to working with Participants throughout the school year to implement their STAN Plan.

Adult Sponsors Needed!

Who would enjoy being an Adult Sponsor?

  • Teachers, coaches, advisors, parents, school counselors, resource officers, administrators and coalition leaders.
  • A person with the desire and commitment to support Participants on a year-long journey to prevent alcohol and drug use among their peers. 
  • An energetic, passionate person who connects with their Participants.
  • A person with the ability to coach Participants to improve their confidence and competence.
  • A person who has a desire to network with other Adult Sponsors.

Benefits to Adult Sponsors

  • Gain strategies you can implement to strengthen your Team's connection to their school and community.
  • Earn CEU credit from Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Earn Department of Criminal Justice Services Partial In-Service Credit for law enforcement officers.
  • Network with fellow Adult Sponsors from across the Commonwealth to share ideas and gain support.
  • Prevention planning for the year
  • Get reinvigorated for the coming year.
  • Interact with and advocate for students. 

After the Conference

YADAPP is an inspiring program for both adults and youth. Throughout the year, Adult Sponsors are key in assuring the implementation and success of your Team's STAN Plan. Your next steps as an Adult Sponsor are: Encourage Participants to apply to be Youth Leaders for the next conference Consult with your team and schedule regular meetings.

  • Encourage Participants to apply to be Youth Leaders for the next conference.
  • Consult with your team and schedule regular meetings.
  • Ensure you are receiving the Adult Sponsor Newsletter from Community Health & Engagement.
  • Begin building your next YADAPP Team. Enrollment opens April 1, and gaining commitment early is the best way to ensure your organization will be present.
  • Complete and submit your Team’s STAN Plan Final Report by July 1. This report is crucial to collect data from your Team’s prevention efforts to use for evaluation.

Here are some tips to keep the momentum going through the year:

  • Review the STAN Plan and set incremental goals. Be sure that your expectations are realistic.
  • Celebrate the Team’s incremental successes.
  • Act as a connection between the team and school and community administrators. Expanding the support network will help the Team stay on track.
  • Challenge Participants to recruit peers to build “critical mass.”
  • Conduct an inventory of Participant interests and skills and assign responsibilities accordingly.
  • Share statistics, testimonials and stories that illustrate how the Team can make a powerful positive impact.

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