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YADAPP Benefits

Benefits to Schools and Communities

YADAPP benefits your school and community by:

    • Providing a platform and strategies to proactively address prevention and wellness.
    • Giving the opportunity to connect with other student and professional leaders across the commonwealth.
    • Increasing motivation and drive among youth.
    • Giving information and resources (including grants) needed to prevent substance use.

    Benefits to Participants

    • Gain real world leadership experience working within YADAPP and their school and community.
    • Change their school or community by promoting positive, alcohol- and drug-free behavior.
    • Develop healthy relationships with peers and adults.
    • Build their resume.
    • Experience staying on a university campus for a week with a diverse group of peers in a supportive environment that embraces making positive choices.
    • Reaffirm their commitment to stay alcohol and drug free.

    Benefits to Adult Sponsors

    • Gain strategies you can implement to strengthen your Team's connection to their school and community.
    • Earn CEU credit from Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Earn Department of Criminal Justice Services Partial In-Service Credit for law enforcement officers.
    • Network with fellow Adult Sponsors from across the Commonwealth to share ideas and gain support.
    • Prevention planning for the year
    • Get reinvigorated for the coming year.
    • Interact with and advocate for students. 

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