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Youth Participants

YADAPP is for high school students (rising grades 9–12) who are leaders in their school or community and are interested in preventing substance use among their peers. Participants attend YADAPP as a group of four students plus an Adult Sponsor.

Leaders Needed!

Who are the leaders in your school and community that would benefit from the YADAPP experience? Look for individuals who:

  • Are leaders and positive role models among their peers. 
  • Are active in clubs, sports, extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities.
  • Display positive habits and choices and exhibit a pattern of staying alcohol- and drug-free.
  • Can contribute to a diverse and committed team.

Tip: Some teams conduct an application process to select their four Participants.

Benefits to Participants

  • Gain real world leadership experience working within YADAPP and their school and community.
  • Change their school or community by promoting positive, alcohol- and drug-free behavior.
  • Develop healthy relationships with peers and adults.
  • Build their resume.
  • Experience staying on a university campus for a week with a diverse group of peers in a supportive environment that embraces making positive choices.
  • Reaffirm their commitment to stay alcohol and drug free.

During the Conference

During the annual YADAPP Kick-off Conference, Participants will learn the leadership and prevention skills necessary to address a substance use prevention need in their community. Participants will take part in a full schedule of workshops, keynote speakers and dedicated time to create a Strategies To Act Now (STAN) Plan specific to their school or community. Throughout the conference, Youth Leaders serve as guides to Participants while Junior Staff facilitate the training needed to develop unique STAN Plans following prevention best practices using the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s prevention strategies.

At the end of the conference, all Teams present their STAN Plans to their Youth Leaders, Junior Staff and Letter Groups to practice presenting their STAN Plan to community leadership and to be considered for a Mini Grant. Teams then submit a final copy of their STAN Plan to Virginia ABC.

After STAN Plan Development

Throughout the school year, Teams work together with the support of their Adult Sponsor to implement their STAN Plan locally. Participants will work collaboratively to gain support from local administration and leadership as well as the support of peers who can assist and participate in prevention activities. At the end of the school year, Teams should work with their Adult Sponsor to submit a STAN Plan Final Report recording their prevention efforts and to be considered for a Wheeler Award.

First steps include:

  • Reviewing your Team’s STAN Plan
  • Presenting your STAN Plan to local leadership for approval and support
  • Building your implementation team
  • Scheduling regular planning meetings

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