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YADAPP is led by three levels of Youth Staff: Youth Leaders, Junior Staff and Conference Interns. All Youth Staff are individuals who have committed to staying alcohol and drug-free and serve as role models to their peers. Youth Staff take key roles at the YADAPP conference, and throughout the year they act as ambassadors for YADAPP, encouraging their schools and communities to participate in the program.

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Youth Leaders

Youth leaders are committed for one year and guide participants through the conference week and share the spirit of YADAPP. About thirty to forty are selected.
Junior Staff

Junior Staff

Junior staff members are committed for up to two years and teach and coach participants to develop their STAN Plans. Approximately twenty-five are selected.
YADAPP Interns


A one year commitment, interns plan and implement the conference and train and oversee all youth staff. Interns are selected from applicants who previously served as youth leaders and junior staff. Four to six are selected.

Joining the Staff

Youth staff are chosen each year through an application process from individuals who have previously participated in consecutive YADAPPs. 


Youth Leaders are selected from applicants who attended the previous YADAPP. A link to the application will be provided in the program guide. The application period to become a Youth Leader for next year begins at the conclusion of each conference; the deadline to apply is November 1.

YADAPP Youth Staff members:

  • Gain real world leadership experience and further explore leadership theories and concepts.
  • Build relationships with other youth staff, participants, adult sponsors and conference staff.
  • Help build your resume.
  • Strengthen your network across the Commonwealth.  

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