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The Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project (YADAPP) is a peer-led program for high school students to address underage substance use at the high school level. YADAPP Teams of four student Participants and a dedicated Adult Sponsor attend a summer kick-off conference to develop strategic prevention plans addressing underage drug and alcohol use in their schools and communities. Throughout the conference, Participants will meet and interact with their like-minded peers during classroom and breakout sessions, motivational speakers and free time.

After the conference, students implement their plans in their schools and communities utilizing leadership and prevention skills learned during conference sessions. The excitement of the conference inspires students and their adult counterparts to continue participating each year and provides a positive environment for students to build their leadership skills.

YADAPP focuses on providing Participants, Adult Sponsors and Youth Staff curriculum on leadership, drug and alcohol prevention and strategic planning. Through YADAPP, program participants will:

  • Broaden their knowledge of substance use prevention and work as a team to create a high school substance use prevention plan for their school.
  • Learn leadership skills needed to address common issues among youth.
  • Network and build supportive relationships with others from across Virginia.

YADAPP is administered by Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC), which has been involved with the project since its inception in 1984.

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The mission of YADAPP is to develop high school peer leadership that fosters prevention of substance use at the state and local levels.

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Youth need a safe and drug-free environment to achieve personal success and build strong communities. As primary influences on their peers, high school students have the capacity to become positive role models and leaders in the ongoing effort to prevent high school substance use.

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