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YADAPP grant winners
At the conclusion of the YADAPP conference, two different types of grants, awarded designed to support the implementation and continuation of STAN Plans.
2018 Mini Grant Winners


On the last full day of the conference, Teams practice presenting their STAN Plans to their Letter Groups and Youth Staff. Through these presentations and for the teamwork exhibited throughout the week, grants of $250 are awarded to a Team in each Letter Group to aide with funding for their STAN Plan activities.  

Congratulations to the 2018 Minigrant Winners!

  • Gar-Field High School Team 5
  • City of Newport News Team 3
  • Surry Youth Council Team 1
  • An Achievable Dream Team 4
  • Phoebus High School Team 2
  • Hampton High School
  • EC Glass High School
  • Henrico High School
  • Eastern Montgomery High School
  • Southhampton High School
  • Teens Care Too
  • Fauquier High School
  • Heritage High School Team 2
  • Warwick High School
  • West Point High School Team 1
  • West Point High School Team 2
  • Western Albemarle High School Team 1
  • Gar-Field High School Team 4
  • Woodrow Wilson High School Team 1
  • CHILL Team 4
  • New Kent High School
  • Woodside High School Team 2
2018 Wheeler Award winner

Wheeler Award

The Wheeler Award was established to honor Morris and Billie Wheeler and is awarded to a Team from the previous YADAPP in recognition of their successful implementation of their STAN Plan. The winner of the Wheeler Award is awarded a $500 grant to be used for continued prevention efforts. The STAN Plan Final Report (SPFR) serves as an application for the Wheeler Award. 

Congratulations to our 2018 Wheeler Award Winner!

City of Newport News Team 4 for their STAN Plan, “Clock-in, Lock-in.”

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