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YADAPP Terminology

YADAPP Terminology

Adult Sponsors: Adult Sponsors provide encouragement and guidance to their team during the conference and the following academic year to implement the STAN Plan.

Participants: Rising ninth through twelfth grade student leaders within a high school or community organization. Participants should be selected for their commitment to leading drug-free lives and leadership.

Youth Leaders: Youth Leaders guide Participants through the week and share the spirit of YADAPP. Youth Leaders can be identified by their yellow shirts.

Junior Staff: Junior Staff teach and facilitate STAN Plan development. Junior Staff can be identified by their red shirts.

Interns: Plan and implement YADAPP conference as well as train and oversee all youth staff. Interns can be identified by their green shirts.

Teams: One team consists of four Youth Participants and one Adult Sponsor. A team must be comprised of high school aged student leaders representing a school or community organization. 

Letter Groups: Teams from across the commonwealth are combined to form Letter Groups. Being in a Letter Group allows for building relationships and sharing resources while completing the STAN Plan.

STAN Plan: A prevention plan called Strategies to Act Now. The STAN Plan addresses alcohol or drug use with high school students as the primary target audience.

Experiential Learning: Group activities, led by Junior Staff, where learning and development are achieved through personal experiences versus an in-classroom scenario.

YADAPP Spirit: Motivating students to make a difference without the influence of alcohol and drugs demonstrated through cheers and dancing.

General Sessions: Keynote speakers address Participants, Adult Sponsors and Youth Staff to raise awareness of community issues and build motivation.

Breakout Sessions: During Breakout Sessions, participants hear from experts in different content areas that will present valuable information crucial to the development of their STAN Plan.

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