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YADAPP Is Going Virtual!

In light of the continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Virginia K-12 schools, Virginia ABC has developed a plan to implement YADAPP for the 2020–2021 school year while taking into account public health concerns.

While it was not possible to meet in person for the kick-off conference and build the camaraderie and inspiration YADAPP is known for, this virtually-based updated program will work towards the same mission of developing high school peer leadership that fosters prevention of substance use at the state and local levels. During the 2020–2021 school year virtual training and collaboration, including guidance from YADAPP Youth Staff, will be available for registered Teams as they develop their STAN Plans.

Below you can find a description of the updated virtually based program to help prepare for participation.

As usual, Teams are comprised of 1 Adult Sponsor and 4 student Participants (9th–12th graders). The Adult Sponsor is responsible for registration of the entire Team, keeping Participants on track in STAN Plan development and should be involved in the implementation of the STAN Plan.

What to Expect

Both Adult Sponsors and student Participants will engage in self-paced online training via the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center (COVLC). This training will take place over the course of two weeks and must be completed prior to submitting the STAN Plan. During this time Teams will also work together, virtually or in a socially distant manner, to develop a STAN Plan. Additionally, opportunities for live virtual networking will be offered throughout the school year.

STAN Plan Development

The Strategies to Act Now (STAN) Plan is the focal point of YADAPP. Over two weeks Teams will complete online training modules developed by YADAPP Youth Staff on how to create and implement an action plan, which aims to prevent high school substance use within their school or community.

From October 1 to October 15, all Participants and Adult Sponsors must complete their specific online training modules prior to developing and submitting their STAN Plan. Teams will work together virtually or in a safe, socially distanced manner, to develop a written plan that can be implemented during the remainder of the 2020–2021 school year. Once completed, Adult Sponsors will submit the Team’s STAN Plan through the YADAPP Registration system by October 15.

Each Team participating in YADAPP will have the opportunity to be considered for a Mini Grant to use as seed money for the implementation of their STAN Plan. The Team’s STAN Plan will serve as their Mini Grant Application. Upon submission, YADAPP Youth Staff will review the STAN Plan and provide modifications based on substance use prevention best-practices and the Mini Grant criteria. Teams will then have the opportunity to update their STAN Plans based on the requested modifications and resubmit to be considered for a Mini Grant. Once modifications have been received, Virginia ABC will notify Teams of their Mini Grant application status via email.

STAN Plans are the focal point of YADAPP. All Teams must implement a STAN Plan even if they do not receive a Mini Grant.

Grant Requirements

To be considered for a Mini Grant, Teams and STAN Plans must meet the following:

  • Participants and Adult Sponsors must complete required online training modules
  • STAN Plans must be submitted by October 15
  • The requested modifications must be made and submitted by October 30
  • STAN Plans must meet the established criteria
  • The Team’s school or organization is registered in eVA
  • A signed grant agreement is included with the STAN Plan

Dates to Remember

September 1–25: Register your Team
October 1–15: All Participants and Adult Sponsors complete online training modules
October 1–15: Teams collaborate to develop a STAN Plan
October 15: Submit the Team’s STAN Plan through the registration site
October 23: STAN Plan modification requests to Teams
October 30: Submit the STAN Plan modifications
June 1: Submit STAN Plan Final Report

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