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Looking for Leaders for YADAPP 2018!

YADAPP is for high school students (rising grades 9–12) who are leaders in their school or community and are interested in preventing substance use among their peers. Participants attend YADAPP as a group of four students plus an Adult Sponsor.

Gain real-world leadership experience. Change your school or community by promoting positive, alcohol- and drug-free behavior. And more!

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Seas the Day at YADAPP 2018

Adult Sponsors Needed for YADAPP 2018!

While YADAPP is youth-led and inspired, Adult Sponsors take the lead in forming teams and providing continuity and follow-through. We are looking for adults who are interested in preventing substance use among high school students in their school or community. 

Teachers, coaches, advisors, parents, guidance counselors, resource officers, administrators and coalition leaders all make perfect Adult Sponsors.

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