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The Strategies to Act Now (STAN) Plan is the focal point of YADAPP. During morning and afternoon sessions, participants work on their STAN Plans, and Adult Sponsors participate in the track that complements the development of the STAN Plan. The STAN planning sessions are led and facilitated by YADAPP Junior Staff members.
YADAPP members conversing


At conference, participants work as a team to develop a written prevention plan to address a substance use problem in their community. When developing their plan, teams are encouraged to be as creative, detailed and realistic as possible.
YADAPP Members presenting


After the conference, participants kick off their STAN Plan by presenting their STAN Plan to school and community stakeholders to gain approval and support.
YADAPP STAN Presentation


Once the STAN Plan has been implemented, complete the STAN Plan Final Report (PDF). This report helps us collect valuable information from across the state. Even if your team was unable to complete your original plan, you are encourage to submit a final report.

STAN Plan Final Report

After you return home and put your STAN Plan in action, we want to hear about it! Please remember to submit your STAN Plan Final Report (PDF).

Even if your team has been unable to complete your original plan, you are highly encouraged to submit a final report. This helps us assess the effectiveness of YADAPP and high school prevention efforts in Virginia, identify barriers teams may face and plan for future conferences.

Your final report also serves as your team’s application for the Wheeler Award!